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Our individual and mixed packs are where we started - this is where the magic began!


Choose from our great selection and start your collection! 


The Mixed Pack

Our best selling pack. A selection of our gorgeous grapefruit, orange, lemon and limes slices all in one bag. These beauties bring out the best in almost any drink - from water and soda right through to ccktails and spirits! 

Approx 12-15 slices in total per bag. 


The Rose Bud Pack

Stunning dried rose buds that bring out the beauty in any drink. We especially love these in a floral gin or a glorious glass of fizz. Also try in a chilled glass of rose lemonade. 


The Rose Petals Pack

A beautiful mix of whole and crushed rose petals. A stunning little mix to bring out the beauty in your drinks!


The Pineapple Pack

Large pack containing gorgeous dried pineapple slices. Looking akin to flowers, they look stunning and taste even better. Add them to your favourite juices, sodas, water or cocktails for that real sunshine taste. Optic Eden favourite way to drink......enjoy white rum, ice, tonic water and a slice of pineapple and lime. Sunshine in a glass.


Each pack contains approx 7-10 slices per pack, depending on the size of the fruit available.


The Orange Pack

Our orange slices are one of our customer favourites. Enjoyed in hot or cold water or in a beautiful gin and tonic, orange is your friend. The smell 


Each pack contains 10 approx slices.


The Red Grapefruit Pack

Beautiful juicy red grapefruits, dried with love for you to pop into your drink of choice to make your drink sing.


Each pack contains approx 7-10 slices depending on the size of the fruit available. Slices come whole and can be broken into halves.


The Lime Pack

Lime is our favourite garnish of all and is as versatile as lemon. In water, soda, beer or cocktails it is simply the best addition to any drink. 

Each pack contains 15 approx slices.


The Lemon Pack

Lucious lemons dried for you to pop into your drink of choice to make your drink sing. Perfect in so many drinks - both hot and cold. From a clean, fresh hot water and lemon in the morning to a vodka and tonic at the end of the day. Don't forget those all important Hod Toddy's on a cold winters night too! 


Each pack contains 15 approx slices.


The Refill Pack

Have one of our jars and the slices are getting low? Here is our refill range ready to fill them back up! Or have your own jars and want a slightly larger packet of slices in a simpler package, no fuss or frills and with a more attractive price tag? Well look no further...


The Mixed Peppercorn Pack

Unlike our smaller, softer pink peppercorns, here we have slightly larger and a selection of mixed peppercorns to spice up your drinks. Delicious in a huge array of drinks to add a delicious kick. They look pretty gorgeous too!


The Star Anise Pack

A hugely aromatic garnish that not only adds a beautiful taste and scent to your drink but looks gorgeous too. 


The Juniper Berry Pack

These beautiful dried juniper berries add a delicious scent and taste to your chosen drink. We love to add these to gin or vodka along with a slice or two of lime. 




Garnish Packs

  • Our products are made with equipment solely used for the purpose of creating beautiful items in this store. We take huge care to ensure that you receive your products in perfect condition, ensuring maximum standards of hygiene and food safety at all times. Whilst our products themselves do not contain soy, wheat, dairy, peanuts or gluten, we unfortunately cannot 100% guarantee  zero cross contamination due to other products being handled in the same facility (not at the same time). If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

  • Ingredients: Dried red grapefruit, orange lemon and lime slices. No additives or preservatives. 

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