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Why dry?

Dehydrating fruit removes all of the moisture from it. Not only does this hugely increase how long it lasts, but it also intensifies the flavour of the fruit. 100% natural and minimal waste (many of our products can be eaten when your drink is gone). Our delicious products are also not just for gin, rum, fizz or any other alcoholic delights. These can also be enjoyed in alcohol free punches, water, squashes, juices and many more alternatives!

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How to store

Please keep our products airtight (in the bag you receive them in with the top resealed or in an airtight container). Although they can keep for significantly longer, we like to recommend that you devour them within approx 10 months but they will likely last longer if stored correctly. 

Please keep out of direct sunlight and store at, or slightly below room temperature.

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A little note....

Immense care is taken at every step of the process to make sure our beautiful products come to you in perfect condition. These are produced by hand, and whilst we try to make sure all pips and seeds are removed, the odd sneaky ninja one can sometimes find its way through. Please just discard these if you wish. 

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