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Garnish Guide

It is really important to say that there is NO correct choice of garnish for your drink. It is all purely down to your own personal preference. We have put together the below as a guide.....but let your imagination and creativity run wild. We love exploring and finding out new combinations and the possibilities are endless! Our garnishes mix well with soft drinks and we recommend combining ingredients for a really unique taste. 

If you are a gin drinker (like us) some of the sites we love to use are and  We are in no way affiliated with them - we just love them.  


Oranges are one of the most versatile garnishes. A favourite in soft drinks, it is also a well known addition to cocktails such as Aperol Spritz and as the perfect accompaniment to rum cocktails. It is one of our favourite gin and tonic garnishes as the sweetness of the orange complements the bitterness of the gin just beautifully. Generally oranges are well paired with dry gins.

Dried Oranges


Limes are a favourite with any drink that includes cola. We love our dried limes with fresh, sparkling water for something really refreshing. Lemon and limes are pretty much a guaranteed crowd pleaser in almost any drink, but lime is the stronger flavour of the two. Lighter lagers also lend themselves to being heightened with the addition of a slice of fresh (or dried!) lime. Who could forget how important a slice of lime is to a Cosmopolitan or a Margarita? Our current absolute favourite is Amaretto Liqueur with soda and a slice of dried lime and lots of ice - a beautifully refreshing drink!

Image by Kim Daniels


Lemons are perhaps the most widely known garnish and are regularly used in water (both hot and cold), soft drinks as well as a staple for most cocktails. If in doubt..... you generally can't go wrong with a slice of lemon! A standard addition to gin and tonic as well as Long Island Iced Tea, Lemon Drop Martinis and Lemonade (both soft and alcoholic). Lemon and lime are very similar in terms of their versatility, however lemon offers a more delicate flavour and taste.

Image by Massimo Adami

Red Grapefruit

We can't decide whether we love orange or red grapefruit more. They are both so versatile and just absolutely beautiful - in terms of look, smell and taste. Red grapefruit is truly beautiful with still or sparkling water to add a slight hint of taste or particularly delicious with London Dry Gins. The sweetness, the bitterness and acidity plays off tonic perfectly. We sell our grapefruit slices whole as we love them this way, but if your glass isn't wide enough, please just snap them in half!

Image by Sarah Gualtieri

Pink Peppercorns

Pink peppercorns add a fantastic little kick to your drink. Though generally used more in gins, these are also used in some fizz cocktails and when paired with fresh strawberries provide a truly gorgeous summer twist to your favourite drink. Not an obvious one, but one we recommend you give a go!

Portion of fresh Pink Peppercorns  close

Star Anise

Possibly the most beautiful garnish around. This is mainly one for the gin lovers but don't let this stop you from experimenting with your favourite drink. It adds a lovely menthol kick to your drink. It is very versatile as it works well with both sweet and savoury spirits.

Image by Mae Mu

Juniper Berries

Juniper berries are more for the gin lovers out there. Most gins are made using citrus flavours and juniper berries. Love the tang that the juniper offers? Why not add some more....!

Wooden spoon with seeds of juniper. Juni

Edible Dried Rose Petals

Not only do edible flowers look stunning, they also add new dimensions of flavour and texture to your drinks. A beautiful addition to water as well as your fizz of choice and indeed to our favourite - gin! They add sweet and perfumed notes that are a beautiful fragrant addition to any drink.

Image by Joel Naren
Garnish Guide: Recipes
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